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TV Guide

Our TV guide below gives you times, days and replays on WWE programming broadcast in Australia on free to air and pay TV. WWE NXT , 205 Live and WWE pay per views are streamed on the WWE Network.


Tuesdays: WWE RAW: Live FOX 8 10am (3 hours)

Wednesdays: WWE Smackdown Live: Fox 8 10am (2hours)

Thursdays: WWE RAW: Fox Sports 8:30pm (cH 505)

Fridays: WWE RAW: 9Go 12am (1 hour), WWE Smackdown: Fox Sports 6pm (ch 505)

Saturdays: WWE Smackdown: 9Go 12am (1 hour), WWE Slam City: 9Go 4:35pm (5 min), WWE Smackdown: Fox Sports 7:30am (ch 505)