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We are currently seeking motivated wrestling fans to contribute to the website. You don’t have to be a professional journalist or have a degree in creative writing, you just need to be committed and be passionate about professional wrestling.

Some great opportunities could exist. Such as, conference calls with WWE and Impact, interviews with local and international talent, a platform to showcase your work, potential financial contributors (depending on popularity of the website).

Below are the positions we need filled. Please send us an e-mail with a sample of your work; we look forward to hearing from you.


WWE News Reporters: We are in need of two WWE news reporters. You must post at least one news story every two days. You will be required to source WWE news online, from TV shows, podcasts or through your own connections. News must be written in your own words and have some relevance to the Australian audience.


WWE TV Reviewers: We are in need of two people to review RAW and Smackdown Live every week. Your review must be posted with-in 2-3 hours after its airing live in Australia. You must have access to Foxtel and be able to write your review immediately after the show.


WWE Pay Per View Reviewer: This role requires you to review monthly WWE pay per views. Your review must be posted with-in 24 hours after the event. The review must have adequate length and express your views and opinions on the show and the talent moving forward. WWE Network subscription is required.


Aussie Wrestling Reporter: This position requires you to post news, results and upcoming events on the top promotions around Australia. If you’re passionate about the Aussie wrestling scene and even attend local promotions this would be a great role for you.


If a position is not listed that you’re interested in, send us an email anyway.